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“>MyDoDad Person-Centered Documentation helps you succeed in your care goals and communicate your support needs with confidence for years to come.

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Full MyDoDad Person-Centered Documentation Solution


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It sounds expensive, how can I pay for it?
We know that many types of adaptive equipment are prohibitively expensive. That’s why we designed mydodad to be an affordable investment for any sized team. We also pursue compensation options through plan budgets where possible, and are working to make MyDoDad available through Medicare and private insurance. If you need MyDoDad and money is the only thing standing in your way, contact us to learn about the small support fund generous sponsors have set aside for people in dire need.
I’ve done documentation before, and it didn’t change much.
So much of the documentation in direct care has been hampered by conflicting directives and a lack of clarity for caregivers. The MyDoDad difference is focusing on Person-Centered Documentation that supports your entire care team. This separates best practice documentation from arbitrary (and often conflicting) departmental guidelines, so you have the confidence of having the information you need, when you need it.
I don’t have time to learn a whole new system.
We know you are busy, and your hard work isn’t a distraction. But Person-Centered Documentation is worth the adjustment. When everything you do is clearly documented, you spend less time explaining, fighting, and worrying about care. Instead, every day you will know which things are on course, or going sideways. Documentation *gives you your time back* because your best requires room to breathe.
I’m worried about privacy and security.
Thank you for caring about the privacy and security of your care recipient. Our system is built on 100% HIPPA compliant, encrypted servers so you can document with peace of mind. We also provide security and compliance training for teams, so they can avoid the few behaviors that lead data breaches, so everyone on your team can work with confidence.
I am terrible with technology, and learning new tech is frustrating.
We understand that dealing with new technologies can be frustrating. That’s why, with MyDodad, you’ll have a team of experts on call to make the process of learning easier. We’re here to help every day so you can have confidence in your documentation without needing to be a technology expert.
I don’t want to be “on my own” after I buy this.
Never feel alone as a caregiver again. MyDoDad is a subscription because we KNOW that caregivers like you need more than a tool, they need REAL support. MyDoDad is a powerful documentation engine, but when you become a customer, that’s only the first step. Our team is ready and standing by to offer you technical support, training, and ongoing customization. All included for no extra charge.

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