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MyDoDad Team creates a customized DoDad for you that reflects your support needs and independent living goals. 

We teach/train/support in developing a documentation practice that will accurately reflect the work your support team does, as well as the level of support needed to accomplish your goals.

All modules in MyDoDad conform to Person Centered Support Best Practices.

You document all of your supports in as little as 30 sec per task/event.

MyDoDad can send you all of your data for review and analysis, but also has a library of report templates so you can easily share information with your circle of support.

MyDoDad creates a long term PORTABLE care record that can be used to train team members and make sure that new supports or authorities can adequately understand your support needs.

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Every MyDoDad customer begins their journey with a custom onboarding session so every field and stat is tailor fit to your goals and needs.

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