The Beta Project

What would change if every home could crystalize their care experience and communicate it clearly to family, care workers, providers, and the state?

My Do-D.A.D

(Daily Activity Documentation)

was designed in Self-Direct homes to help:

Distill Your Experience

By tracking both participant goals, and caregiver strategies to lend proof to your years of experience.

Quantify Your Efforts

How much work goes into your care plan? Discover how much you REALLY work and how to find balance.

Test Your Ideas

Have an idea for a new therapy or strategy? Use My Do-D.A.D. to help implement your idea and track your results

Find Adequate Care

Deliver proof of your lived care experiences and qualify for the right level of care.

Communicate Clearly

You Choose the right information to share with all parties, from teams to providers and more.

Be Believed

With Do-D.A.D. outside entities don’t have to “take your word for it.” You have proof!

The Beta Testing Process

The news is, this isn’t rocket science, it’s not even new thinking. Many facilities built tools like this internally years ago. But we are attempting to bring it to the entire community and we could use your help. We need participants in the community who are excited to bring clarity and real proofs to their collaborative care toolbox. The Beta Testing Process for My Do-D.A.D. can be easily summarized in three stages:

  Build and Train

This is not a “Out of the Box” The Do-D.A.D. is designed to be customized to your unique care goals. We also take the time to train you and your team on how to use the hardware and software. 

Document Your Care Experience

Use the Do-D.A.D. to document your daily care experience for a few months. Our support team will be available in real time to solve problems and make changes to make sure the Do-D.A.D. is working perfectly.

Provide Candid Feedback

While we hope that everyone loves the power of Do-D.A.D., what we need from you is honesty. How does it work for you? Your team? Your participant? What could be better? The best way to create great change is through transparency and collaboration.

You Got Questions? Get Answers!


Your care environment is as unique as you are. No flashy website could answer all of your unique questions in 5mins of reading.  We host regular meetings with Live Q&A to make sure you’re satisfied before you apply for the program.

Our Process FAQs

Question #1?

Unfortunately, while the processes we use to document care have been around for years, the technology to automate and streamline the process for everyday use is very...very new.

This is one of the main reasons for our beta program. To create a compelling number of successful use cases that provide proof of improved outcomes as a result of consistent documentation.

Question #2?

Because we made it for our own family.

This project started with Rachel. Rachel is a high-support individual with challenges stemming from mental health issues and developmental delays. We designed My Do-D.A.D. to be empowering in 3 ways.

  1. It empowers Rachel to see her goals and challenges visualized. Additionally, no data is ever used in a negative context. Rachel is not incentivised with the Do-D.A.D., rather we use it to provide simplicity and transparency and support for her in a way she can understand.
  2. It empowers her team to work more effectively. We discovered we were leaning too hard on natural supports and Rachel was becoming too dependant on specific staff. My Do-D.A.D. helped us quantify care techniques, diversify training and ultimately justify a much needed increase in staff support.
  3. It empowered our communication. This included internal communication, providers and community support communication and ultimately, how we communicate support needs to the state.



Question #3?

It's no surprise that many care givers have a strained relationship with technology. Home care is often extremely demanding in a way that limits the time we invest in gadgets and entertainment as well money tight, so that affording new technology is rare for many homes. No matter the reason, many caregivers struggle with new tech.

Our solution is simple. Helping you every step. Live support available to answer your questions and create custom training solutions just for you. The Do-D.A.D. itself is really simple. If you can fill out plan paperwork, My Do-D.A.D. will feel like a walk in the park.