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Mastering Support as a Caregiver is a Never-Ending Journey. Make it Meaningful and Fun by Engaging in Live and Pre-Recorded Continuing Education Classes on Relevant Topics, Hosted by Experienced Caregivers.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.  For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” ― Margaret Mead

Ignite Your Caregiver Journey!

At MyDoDad Academy, we invite you to embark on a fun and meaningful caregiver journey through our online continuing education classes. We understand that mastering support as a caregiver is an ongoing adventure, and we’re here to empower you every step of the way.

Join us for live and pre-recorded classes on topics relevant to you, all hosted by seasoned caregivers. Our carefully curated curriculum is designed to enrich your skills, expand your knowledge, and reignite your passion. From mastering communication to understanding complex disabilities, our diverse course offerings are tailored to help you excel in your vital role.


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In our 2023 Class Calendar 

Person Centered Thinking: An Overview

Learn the thinking habits to assist in recognizing the right of individuals to make informed choices.

Principles of Person Centered Documentation

Accurately recording the work you do is vital in protecting your privacy and safety in a crisis.

Caregiver Burnout and Selfcare for Providers

Learn the difference between caregiver stress and burnout, and tools for successful self-care.


DEI: Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Learn to to promote the fair treatment, promot inclusion,  and full participation of all people. 

Exploring Caregiver Ethics and Boundaries

Discover the art of creating enforceable rules of conduct, comply with  reporting laws, & manage conflicting relationships.


What is HCBS? Removing Confusion.

Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) are the primary federal legal code that covers most types and areas of caregiving.

Nutrition and Dietary Support in Caregiving

Providing nutritional and dietary support can be a pathway to independence for your participant.

Accountability, Transparency & Reporting

Handling someone else’s life is a great responsibility. Learn how transparency and documentation help.


Progress, Perspective, and Expectations

As natural ‘helpers’, caregivers are excited to achieve goals. Learn how to manage goals and expectations of growth.

Consistent Support Structures

Learn how to create powerful support routines that build trust and empower independence in your participants. 

Implementing Positive Behavior Chaining

Take this class to learn how to implement and scale positive behavior chains that help participants take control of their ADLS and grasp new independence.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Overview

Learn the principles of CBT methodology and how it can help people overcome negative behaviors, and improve their life.

Unlocking New Opportunities for learning En Español

Unlock new opportunities with our expanded continuing education classes! Now featuring Spanish dubbed recordings and Spanish translated quizzes for certification. Enhance your language skills and broaden your horizons. Join us today and embark on a journey of learning and growth. 

¡Descubre nuevas oportunidades con nuestras clases de educación continua ampliadas! Ahora con grabaciones en español y cuestionarios traducidos para la certificación. Mejora tus habilidades lingüísticas y amplía tus horizontes. Únete a nosotros hoy mismo y emprende un viaje de aprendizaje y crecimiento.


Student Experiences

MyDoDad Academy is helping direct care professoinals deliver better care, and get better support. Now hear it from our students in their own words.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with JC Spears & Mary Spears at MyDoDad. Their company provides high quality continuing education training that is interactive, enthusiastic, and relatable to our Direct Support Professional employees.

I truly appreciate your dedication, hard work, communication and providing a platform and training that everyone enjoys and learns from. The feedback has been outstanding: “Fun”, “Relatable to my work & my personal life”, “Mary is great with instructing the trainings”, “I learn so much”, “This is so much better”, “I really like how I can ask questions”, “Recordings are so good, I can’t wait to join a live training” and so much more. Great service, relatable training’s and easy to operate website is hard to find these days and I wanted to be sure to give  MyDoDad Academy, & Mary Spears the recognition that they deserve.

Dana Queen
Inspire Connections
Compliance Coordinator

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Make your educational journey fun, informative and finally worth the effort. 

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MyDoDad Academy Continuing Education

Still have Questions?

Find the answers to the questions you have about getting starting with MyDoDad

What is continuing education for direct support professionals (DSPs)?

Continuing education refers to ongoing training and learning opportunities that help DSPs enhance their skills and knowledge in providing support to individuals with diverse needs. Often held by experienced caregivers, CE units are a staple for transfering earned knowledge.

Why is continuing education important for DSPs?

So much of the documentation in direct care has been hampered by conflicting directives and a lack of clarity for caregivers. The MyDoDad difference is focusing on Person-Centered Documentation that supports your entire care team. This separates best practice documentation from arbitrary (and often conflicting) departmental guidelines, so you have the confidence of having the information you need, when you need it.

What are the requirements for earning CEUs as a DSP?

The requirements for earning CEUs as a DSP may vary based on your state certification or licensing board. Typically, you will need to complete specific courses or training programs that represent a number of hours of education and accumulate a certain number of CEU credits within a defined time period. MyDoDad Academy classes offer 2 CEU credits per class. 

Can I earn CEUs through online courses or workshops?

Yes! Virtual trainings are fully accepted by most, if not all, state DSP licensing bodies. 

How do I submit proof of completion for CEU classes?

Every MyDoDad Academy class includes a comprehension quiz and certificate of completion that you can give to your employer or licensing board to show proof of your work. 

Are there any specific topics or areas of study that CEU classes for DSPs cover?

CEU classes for DSPs cover a range of topics relevant to the field, such as person-centered planning, behavior support strategies, communication skills, cultural competence, medical conditions and disabilities, ethical considerations, and more.

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