My Do-D.A.D


 Harnessing the power of “Daily-Activity-Documentation” to assist participants, families, teams, & facilities in improving person-centered support systems.

Finally a solution that puts the power of data in the hands of those who need it most.

While every company online seems obsessed with collecting your data and (usually) using it to target you, My Do-Dad is designed from the ground up to work FOR YOU by helping you gain insight into activities, events, successes, and setbacks that are always happening on the road to independent living. 

Clarity, Communication, & Colaboration


Data and documentation are more than just niceties for those who must struggle to live independently. The Do-Dad system creates clarity in daily progress, enhanced communication with providers and government organizations, as well as increased collaboration with team members.

Your Data is POWERFUL because it give you OPTIONS

Test Ideas

My Do-D.A.D. is the best way to see what activities and procedures are actually working. Stop guessing about care and get some clarity.

Communicate Needs

Use your Do-D.A.D. information to communicate support needs with providers, agencies, and the government. Make proof your ally not your enemy. 

See Larger Patterns

Using My Do-D.A.D. over time allows you to see progress and trends at a scale never before possible. Quantify your progress and right size your systems to encourage and support independent living.

Sam Chapman

CSW, High-Support

“My Do-D.A.D. is so simple, I taught my 16 year old sister how to use in in less than 30mins!”


Built for ALL Optomized for YOU

Human experience is messy, and too many people try to put your unique challenges into easy boxes. Screw that! Every My Do-D.A.D. customer begins their journey with a custom onboarding session so every field and stat is tailor fit to your goals and needs.

Year Round Support and Training

What good are advanced tools without the support and training required to make sure that everyone on your team are empowered to use it efficiently? My Do-D.A.D. programs include free team training and support to make sure the data you collect stays useful.

Developed With 40 Years of Supported Living Experience

We are not another Silicon Valley startup looking to be a unicorn. Our founder grew up in group homes and our leadership team brings over 40 years of community support experience to this project. We may be a little crazy, but we are DEDICATED to making My Do-D.A.D. work for you!

Want to Learn More?

If you want to know more, but don’t have a beta invite code, just shoot us a line by phone or email and we would be happy to talk.

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